Monday, December 1, 2008

Ral Partha British Colonial Poses

This photo shows several of the poses available if you choose to use RPH to fill out your plastic colonial army. This group all works together as an advancing unit. There are several riflemen shown, plus a bugler and officer (with sun helmet). The second officer (in glengarry) is also from Ral Partha, but I think came from a different range.

The painted figures also come from Chuck Turnitsa.

Advancing figures were a staple for RPH, as we will see when we turn our attention to other groups. For the British regulars though, the only other poses are the standing firing pose (seen in other comparison posts in this blog), and a mounted officer (to be reviewed later).

While Ral Partha no longer produces figures, the Colonial ranges have been bought by Great Endeavours, and you can purchase them here: Great Endeavours

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