Monday, February 16, 2009

Jacklex Colonials

Jacklex is another older British range, which was explicitly intended as a way to supplement Airfix plastics. First offered in 1968, today the range is sold by Spencer Smith miniatures.

Jacklex covers four periods. There are large lists for the American Civil war and the colonial period which include various pieces of ordnance and equipment, with smaller ranges for the Russo-Japanese War and World War One.

The image above features a few models from the Colonial range. This range is primarily comprised of British troops and their enemies, but does have a small component of French Foreign Legion.

The troops in this picture, and the manufacturers’ codes, are (from left to right)

  • Esci British Regular infantry (it appeared in both set 212 and 232)

  • Jacklex British Artillery gunner (C8)

  • Ral Partha British regular (88-002)

  • Jacklex Colonial Highlander (B16)

  • Jacklex Indian regular officer (B18, undercoated in black)

  • Esci Indian infantry (from set 232, painted by C Turnitsa)

  • Jacklex Indian gunner (C9)

  • Esci Indian infantry (from set 232)

Click on the image for a larger version. More detailed comparisons will follow.

The Jacklex page on the Spencer Smith site is here:

The Jacklex figures are sold individually, for 45p each or 85p mounted (equivalent to 64 cents/$1.21 USD or 80 cents/$1.51 CDN at current exchange rates).


efb said...

I really like the look of these figures. Thanks for posting them.

Plastic Hussar said...

You are welcome. You can see a lot more pictures of them at the site I linked to. Some of the limbers and draught animals look very impressive.