Saturday, February 28, 2009

Les Higgins English Civil War Infantry

The pictures above show most of the regular foot figures from the Les Higgins ECW range. In the top image, the figures from left to right are: EP2D, EP2B, EP2A, EP1C, EP1D, EP1B. In the lower picture, they are: EP4, EP8, EP7, EP3, EP6 and EP5 (the first, third and fourth figures should be holding pikes). Click on the images for larger versions.

The English Civil War range was the first release from Les Higgins, and established the firm as a maker of high quality 20mm figures. Released in the late 1960s, they still stand up today. Like many of the pioneer figure ranges in our hobby, the Les Higgins business was sold, merged and bought over the years. Eventually the ECW range went out of production, and stayed that way for more than a decade.

A couple of years ago, the range was revived by a group of enthusiasts. They are also associated with the Vintage 20mil site, which can be found on my list of links in the sidebar.

Figures can now be purchased from John Cunningham. He can be reached at

The foot figures are being sold for 40p, which is equivalent to 57 cents US, or 73 cents Canadian at today’s rates.

The range also includes cavalry, mounted commanders, and artillery. Photos of those sculpts will appear in a later posting, as will some comparisons to plastic ranges.

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