Tuesday, February 3, 2009

News: Douglas Miniatures return to production

In a testament to bad timing, I recently claimed in this blog that Douglas Miniatures are no longer in production. In fact, the long period of dormancy is ending for this range. John Cunningham, who already owns moulds of some other vintage 20mm ranges, has purchased the known Douglas moulds, and is busy bringing them back to market.

John currently offers figures from these makers:

Les Higgins: Marlburians and English Civil War (including more than a dozen new figures)
Douglas: Marlburian (they have been remoulded)

He is clearly a very busy fellow, as his current projects include the following:

  • Getting the Douglas Crimean range back in production (going through remastering and moulding now)
  • Ditto for the Douglas Napoleonics
  • Releasing a limited run of Wodensfeld 7 Years War French (expected release at the end of February)
  • Working on a few other ranges (details to come)

In addition to that, he will be getting around to formalizing a trading name for his company, and perhaps putting up a website.

Until then, you can contact John by email for his lists, and to place orders. He can be reached at: His current prices are:

Les Higgins Marlburians
foot/rider 35p each,
horse 45p each
guns £2

Les Higgins ECW
Foot/rider 40p each,
horse 45p each
guns £2

Douglas Marlburians
40p foot/rider/horse

Price on Wodensfeld TBD (it will be a 36-piece set)

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