Thursday, April 2, 2009

Irregular adds French for two World Wars

Ian Kay at Irregular miniatures tells the Plastic Pelisse that he is adding a number of French figures to the company’s 20mm First World War and Second World War ranges today. Given the recent explosion in plastic WWI sets, and the steady growth in early WWII, this is timely news.

For World War One, the new additions are all portrayed in late war gear. They include:

NWF12 Late infantry advancing
NWF13 Late infantry firing
NWF14 Late infantry with rifle grenade
NWF15 Late infantry with chaucaut
NWF16 Late assault infantry throwing grenade
NWF17 Late assault infantry/pioneer with grenade bag, rifle and wire clippers
NWF18 Late infantry HMG & 2 crew
NWF19 Late infantry bugler
NWF20 Late infantry officer
NWF21 Late cavalry with sword & carbine
NWF22 75mm field gun & 4 late crew
NWF23 37mm anti-tank gun & 2 late crew
NWF24 Mortar & 2 late crew

For the Second World War, the new sculpts are:

N97 French infantry advancing
N98 French infantry standing firing
N99 French infantry with LMG
N100 French HMG & 2 crew
N101 French mortar & 2 crew
N102 French bugler
N103 French officer
N104 French cavalry
N105 75mm field gun & 4 crew

The figures can be ordered from the company’s website:

Ian hopes to have pictures of the new figures up in the next few days.

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