Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Airfix / Heller vs SHQ, WWII Infantry

The photo above compares three SHQ US GIs with two WWII figures from Airfix: a partly painted US Marine, and unpainted Japanese soldier. Click on the image for a larger version.

Manufacturers’ designations:

The Airfix figures come from box 01716 “World War II US Marines” and box 01718 “World War II Japanese Infantry.” The sets were also reissued by Heller as box 79616 and 79618 respectively.

The SHQ figures come from their “WWII American Infantry, 1942-44” range. The figures come from several of the packs, as follows:

Far left: GI 23 Wounded and Two Medics
Middle: GI 24 Stretcher Party
Far right: GI 25 Surgeon and Two Orderlies

Height compatibility (measured from sole of foot to eyes):
Airfix– 20mm.
SHQ – 21mm.

Body Build compatibility (from 5 categories):
Airfix US Marine – C (Average)
Airifix Japanese – B (Slender)
SHQ – C (Average)

Overall conclusions:
Twentieth century armies aren’t mounted in ranks or tight groups, so slight height or sculpting differences are much easier to fudge when mixing ranges. The fact that the SHQ figures reviewed don’t carry weapons (which should be consistent) makes it even easier to see them as simply taller men than their plastic colleagues. In short, these two lines work very well together.

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