Monday, May 4, 2009

B&B Franco-Prussian War, German forces

These pictures provide a few more views of B&B's German figures from the Franco-Prussian war. The top picture illustrates the poses provided in a typical bagged set. In this case, the poses come from set FPGI-7 “Saxon Grenadiers." The figures are sold in a group of 20 with variant heads.

The lower picture includes one figure from that set (second from left) as well as a general from set FPGS-1 "Prussian Staff mounted," and a gunner from set FPGA-11 “Bavarian 6 pdr gun & crew.” Also in the lower picture are some Emhar plastic troops (gray plastic) and painted Airfix figures.

These models are available from the B&B website: (note that the company changed to this URL fairly recently - so if you have bookmarked the old site it won't work any more). The new website has a lot more photos than used to be available.

I actually purchased my figures from Brookhurst Hobbies. Brookhurst is a good source for metal figures in the US. They have a online store here: This is also a recently redesigned site, but using the existing address. However, I can't currently find B&B listed at their site, so perhaps they no longer carry the line.

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