Saturday, May 9, 2009

New GIs from SHQ

Peter Edwards from SHQ has sent over samples of his firm’s latest release. They comprise six bags (each containing three figures) of US GIs from World War 2. They are wearing the M1941 field jacket and M1 helmet. These figures are not in the familiar combat poses. Instead, this release focuses on supplementary figures including gun crews, and medical subjects.

The releases are illustrated above. Click on an image for a larger picture:

GI 19 Drivers (top left)
GI 21 105mm Artillery Crew (top right) - note that one figure has a separate arm , which is placed in front of him in this photo. There is also a shell in front of the furthest right figure.
GI 22 155mm Artillery Crew (middle left)
GI 23 Wounded and Two Medics (middle right)
GI 24 Stretcher Party (bottom left)
GI 25 Surgeon and Two Orderlies (bottom right)

Each pack is being sold for £1.85. Per figure costs, at today’s exchange rates, are:

UK Pounds: 0.62
Canadian Dollars: 1.18
US Dollars: 1.03
Australian Dollars: 1.35
Euros: .77

The SHQ website is here:

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