Friday, July 31, 2009

Vintage 20 mm lines Continue to Grow

John Cunningham has provided an update on the various vintage lines he is manufacturing. He is making progress on all fronts.

Les Higgins

Two new Marlburian poses are now available:

MP 38 charging musketeer
MP 39 charging officer

They are joined by one mounted figure from the English Civil War:

EP 16 mounted cavalier bare headed waving sword


The Seven Years War French foot figures are now in full production.

Douglas Miniatures

John reports that new variants are in development. In addition, one new Marlburian mounted figure is now available:

MB 5 Horse Grenadier

Cunningham Miniatures

The Wellington in India Sepoy range has now reached 24 variants, which are available for purchase.

In addition there are several brand new offerings for the 1740s, including:

Irish Piquets (Irish troops in French service, who fought in Scotland)
a marching Grenadier
British officers
Arquebusiers de Grassin, (a specially raised force of French light infantry)

Most of these additions will be out in early August, while two poses for the arquebusiers are already available.

Finally, John also promises some Polish troops for the 17th century will be out soon.

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