Monday, August 10, 2009

Sample Russians from Outland

Chris von Fahnnenstock of Outland Games has sent over a number of samples from his growing line of 20mm miniatures. These include figures previously released under the Battalionfeuer banner, and new figures designed to work with them. Some of the samples are shown in the pictures above, and more will be posted soon. The samples will also be used in some comparisons with related plastic makes. (Click on the images for larger pictures.)

The top picture includes a range of poses from the 20mm Napoleonic Russian range. They include:

R-25 1804 Russian Grenadier Advancing, Bushy Plume
R-14 1812 Russian Foot Artillery w/rammer, Kivier
R-13 1812 Russian Foot Artillery w/ball, Kivier
RC-03 1812 Russian Hussar Kivier
RC-01 Russian Cuirassier Trooper

The lower photo includes four sculpts from the new SYW release. These figures are included in the 8-piece set “Russian Infantry Command in Waistcoat.” The actual set includes two officers (shown on the extreme right and left) two standard bearers (the figure with his hand touching his head), two drummers, and two infantry in “march-attack” pose.

All these figures are sold through GFI, which is at the following website:
The Napoleonic soldiers are sold individually at 65 cents (US) each, while the pack of 8 SYW command figures is retailing for $4.95.

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