Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seven Years War samples from Outland

Among the samples kindly provided by Chris von Fahnnenstock of Outland Games were a number of 20mm Seven Years War figures. (Click on the images for larger pictures.)

Unfortunately, Chris did not provide catalogue numbers for them; since there are no comprehensive set of images on either the Outland site or the GFI site, I cannot positively identify the figures. However, I believe these are older sculpts, originally released under the Battalionfeuer banner.

The top image shows two mounted command figures, and a couple of artillery troops (possibly an officer with linstock, and a gunner with rammer). The lower picture includes three cavalry riders. Also in that picture are two horses. I am not sure if these horses are intended for use with the riders. In fact, the horses did work nicely with the Napoleonic samples provided, but did not fit well with these riders. To make these riders fit comfortably on these mounts would take some significant filing; hopefully Outland has horses more appropriate for these troops.

Overall, these are very nice models; I will be using them in comparisons with plastic ranges over the next few months.

Outland figures can be purchased through their distributor – GFI - at the following website:
GFI Online store

At the current date though, the figures shown above are not listed in GFI’s online catalogue.
I will ask GFI and Outland about the uncertainties described above, but if any reader has further information (such as the provenance and catalogue numbers of the figures) please post in the comments section below.

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