Friday, September 18, 2009

Ral Partha vs RedBox, Medieval Asia foot, part 2

The photo above compares three metal figures from Ral Partha (two painted, and one undercoated white) with three plastic figures from RedBox. Click on the image for a larger version.

Manufacturers’ designations:

RedBox has produced three boxes for Ashigaru. The two figures on the left can be found in box 72006 “Ashigaru (Archers and Arquebusiers),” while the figure on the right comes from box 72007 “Ashigaru (Spearmen)”

The Ral Partha models come from their “Momoyama/Tokugawa Samurai” range, and are catalogued as follows (left to right in the picture):
53-751 Ronin with sword
53-768 Samurai with spear or naginata
53-752 Ronin with spear or naginata

The Ral Partha figures are currently manufactured and distributed by Iron Wind. In their catalogue, the models are identified as follows:

Again, left to right:
DH-165 Ronin with Katana
DH-179 Samurai Spearman
DH-166 Ronin Spearman

Height compatibility (measured from sole of foot to eyes):
RedBox 72006 – 19mm.
RedBox 72007 – 20mm.
Ral Partha / Iron Wind – 22mm.

Body Build compatibility (from 5 categories):
RedBox– C (Average)
Ral Partha / Iron Wind – are a mix of C (Average) and D (Somewhat Heavy).

Availability and Cost:

The RedBox figures were introduced fairly recently, and are available through various plastic model distributors. Price at a typical retailer: 8.00 € at CW-Toys.

As mentioned above, the metal figures are currently available from Iron Wind. They need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer: the cost is US $2.50 for an individual figure, but drops to $0.90 for quantities of 10 or more.

(See the side panel lists for websites of the manufacturers, distributors and retailers mentioned above. To convert cost figures to your currency, use a site such as, also listed in the side panel, with the retailers.)

Other notes:
The RedBox figures were provided by Eric Yin in a very helpful trade.

Readers, please add any comments on other considerations with regard to these two types, in particular any thoughts about the compatibility from the standpoint of historical periods.

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