Friday, October 23, 2009

Feedback: Metal Figure Preparation

Recently, I noticed a short thread on Rafa Pardo’s forum. In the thread, Rafa very kindly introduced this blog to his fellow hobbyists. One of the readers (under the name “lannes”) then posted a suggestion that the pictures used here would be more helpful if the metal figures were prepared. Up to now, I have just been shooting the samples as they come, but this comment made a lot of sense to me.

So I decided to experiment. The photo above shows the result. The figure used is Irregular’s Napoleonic Highland officer (BNI 14). The example on the far left is simply bare metal. Moving to the right, the next figure has been sprayed with white primer. The third figure has had a black wash applied over the bare metal. Finally, the figure on the right has had both primer and black wash applied.

Based on the results, I think the black wash on bare metal gives a very good result. There doesn’t seem to be enough improvement between the third and fourth figures to justify the additional step of priming.

Going forward then, comparison shots on this blog will include metal figures that have been treated with a light black wash. Thanks Rafa and lannes!

To see the rest of the resource section of that forum go to:


Rafael Pardo said...

One more example of the interconnectivty in Internet!

Plastic Hussar said...

Yes, the internet has certainly changed our hobby. To read the comments on your forum, I had to run them through Google translater. That's another tool that has become quite handy.