Saturday, November 7, 2009

A New Brand - 20mm Nostalgic Revival

The work of John Cunningham and his collaborators – including Uwe Wild – has been highlighted many times in this blog. They have worked hard to revive and expand old ranges, and fill in some of the other gaps in the figures available.

Up to now, I have described the figures either under their legacy brand names, or by using “Cunningham Miniatures.” However, the team has decided on a new brand name – “20mm Nostalgic Revival.”

Here is the background from a message that John sent recently:

"The idea behind this project is to again make available to 20 mm collectors and wargamers some of the old 20mm ranges that have over the years disappeared or gone out of production and to introduce to the younger generation of gamers the appeal of these ranges, an added intention is produce ranges of 20 mm figures that the major makers of 20 mm figures, both metal and plastic, are unlikely to ever produce. The main periods covered will be 1600 to 1900

"A few years ago a small group of us managed to buy the Les Higgins 20 mm Marlburian and ECW masters and moulds and we got the Marlburian range back into production with added variants in the same style and I have since added others that came into my possession, I have now had the Les Higgins 20 mm ECW range remoulded and cast, both ranges are fully in production and are available

"In the last couple of years I was fortunate in being able to buy the original moulds for the Douglas Miniatures 20 mm ranges and have put back into circulation the Marlburian range and hope to get the DM 20mm Crimean range available shortly as well as a few others from the moulds

"I have also been able to buy the Wodensfeld moulds for French Seven Years War and ACW, again the SYW French are in full production and the ACW range will soon follow

"As for new ranges, several are now available, these have been done in conjunction with friends across the world who found the sculptors, supplied the uniform information, suggested ranges and poses for these and I have had them moulded and cast

Revived Ranges

Les Higgins Marlburian & ECW
Douglas Miniatures Marlburian (Crimean coming soon)
Wodensfeld SYW French (ACW coming soon)
Niblett ECW (I have the masters)

New Ranges

Sepoys for Wellington in India
Akalis Sikh Fanatics 19th Century
Arqubusiers de Grassin 1740s ( more being sculpted)
Irish Piquets 1740s/Culloden
Polish Troops 17th Century"

I will be updating older posts to reflect this new brand.


Matt said...

Ooooooh! The Wodensfield ACW range, lovely little figures as I recall. This has cheered me up no end!


Mad Carew said...

These are trully lovely figures and you couldn't find a better man to buy them from - thanks for keeping these ranges going John.

Plastic Hussar said...

It is great that these figures continue to be available for those of us who want to play with them. I hate seeing good models becoming collectors items because they are out of production.