Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ehmke-Art Napoleonic Figures

Ehmke-Art is a manufacturer of 20mm troops for the Napoleonic Wars. Based in Germany, the business is a one-man operation. The owner, Uwe Ehmke, has produced figures for several different forces over the years, including some interesting and obscure subjects.

He continues to introduce new figures, and also retires older models when the moulds are worn or damaged. Unfortunately, these changes mean that it is very difficult to put together a complete list of available poses. The following list has been assembled from several sources, and probably includes models that are no longer available:

Ehmke-Art Napoleonic Range
(note, there are multiple poses in some codes)

-Mounted (9 codes)
-Foot (7 codes)
-Mounted (4 codes)
-Foot (4 codes)
-Artillery (4 codes)
-2 mounted codes
-2 mounted codes
-2 mounted codes
-2 infantry codes

Some of Ehmke’s figures are currently distributed by CW Toys. However, the best way to get access to the full catalogue is to send an email directly to Uwe here: . Uwe recently delivered a very large number of figures to the Aspern Project, which meant that more moulds had to be retired. This means that several of his codes can no longer be filled completely, though partial sets may be provided. He is also willing to provide discounts if a customer wants to order lower quality models from the older moulds.

Cost through CW Toys is €9.00 for a set of 8 figures in four poses.

In the weeks to come, I will be posting comparisons of Ehmke’s mounted figures with various plastic ranges.

About the pictures:

The first image shows three samples from a set donated to the Plastic Pelisse by Conrad Kinch. They have been identified as Prussian Hussars, and obviously come from an older mould.

The second image is taken from an older sales list which can be found archived here. It is an Austrian Hussar.

The third image was recently posted at Benno’s Figure Forum by Uwe Ehmke, and shows his latest release, Austrian Jagers. See the full thread for more information.

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