Monday, March 15, 2010

ECW and Napoleonic comparisons "In the Grand Manner"

In my ongoing quest to aggregate as many plastic/metal comparisons here as possible, I want to point out some that reside on an excellent eye-candy blog called “In the Grand Manner.”


In January, Matt posted a comparison of Scruby’s Napoleonic cavalry with Airfix’s mounted RHA officer.

Scruby versus Airfix

He followed that up by comparing Kennington and Newline Design versions of French artillery crews:

Kennington versus Newline Designs


Back in December, Matt posted an image comparing a Niblett ECW cavalry figure to an Airfix figure (the same RHA officer used above).

Niblett versus Airfix

Here’s hoping Matt continues to post comparisons of the different types he is using for his games.


Anonymous said...


I use the RHA figures because "everybody knows how big they are" and they have been "in the family" for years. Hell-I may even paint them one day!


Plastic Hussar said...


I enjoy your blog. Looking forward to future posts!