Sunday, March 28, 2010

Minifigs British Colonial Infantry, or not?

I picked up these figures at the “Bring and Buy” at Hotlead a few years ago. They came in a mixed lot with a number of Ral Partha figures. I would like to identify them now, so that I can use them for comparisons on the blog.

Here is some information on these castings:

The figures are 22mm in height (measured to the eyes);
The officer with his arm in the air should probably be brandishing a sword (there seems to be a hilt surrounding his hand);
The castings have codes stamped on the bottom – from left to right they are BC1, BC3, BC6 and BC7

My guess is that these are Minifigs from the current range. As I understand it, Minifigs have gone through three generations. The first generation was smaller than these figures, and officially listed as “HO” scale. The second generation was the Minifig-S range (which was also smaller than these figures, but bigger than the first generation). Figures from that generation include the letter “S” in their catalogue codes. The third generation (which is currently produced) is said to be about the same size as these samples.

Although I have not found any pictures that match these castings, the following catalogue descriptions seem to fit:

BC01: British Colonial Infantry advancing (light order)
BC03: British Colonial Infantry attacking (light order)
BC06: British Colonial Infantry Officer attacking
BC07: British Colonial Infantry Officer advancing

So if anyone can absolutely confirm that these are the listed Minfigs, that would be great. Please post your comments here.

Update: Several readers here, and on TMP, have confirmed that these actually are the Minifigs listed above. Thanks to all.


Maverick Collecting said...

The two on the right are definitely the Gatling Gun crew if that helps?

Plastic Hussar said...

Yes, that's helpful, thanks.

Cameronian said...

BC 1 Infantry - Advancing (Light Order)
BC 3 Infantry - Attacking (Light Order)

These descriptions from the Minifigs website fit the codes and the descriptions appear to fit as well.

Cameronian said...

I really should read more lol.

Plastic Hussar said...

So I guess you independently came to the same conclusion as me. Great minds and all that.

Maverick Collecting said...

When you say 'modern' I think I got mine in 1983?