Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ral Partha vs RedBox, Colonial Indian Infantry

The photo above compares three plastic colonial Sikh infantry from RedBox (B,D,F) with a similar number of metal figures from Ral Partha (A,C,E). Click on the image for a larger version.


Manufacturers’ Designation and Number of Poses:

The Ral Partha figures come from their “Colonials” range. According to a 1985 catalogue, this range included 68 codes, in three groups (covering the Zulu war, the Northwest frontier and the Sudan). Some of the codes contained more than one pose. The figures illustrated are from the following codes.

A: 88-103 “Northwest Frontier Indian Command Group”
C: 88-002 “Zulu War British Infantry Advancing”
E: 88-102 “Northwest Frontier Indian Infantry, Firing”

All the figures are now sold by Great Endeavours, using the same codes. The firm has also expanded the range with new complementary figures, including dismounted cavalry, figures for the Boer war, as well as others for the Boxer rebellion.

Figure Characteristics:

Height (measured from sole of foot to eyes): 22mm.
Body Build: Somewhat heavy

Availability and Cost:

As mentioned above, Great Endeavours currently distributes this range. They can be purchased from the GE website; the firm sells foot figures in groups of 10 (same pose) for $8.50 US.

Notes on the Samples:

Figure E was painted by Chuck Turnitsa.


Manufacturer's Designation and Number of Poses:

The plastic figures come from RedBox set 72021 “Sikhs (Boxer Rebellion 1900.” This box is one of several covering this conflict in depth. The box contains 48 figures in 12 poses.

Figure Characteristics:

Height (measured from sole of foot to eyes): 18mm.
Body Build: Average

Availability and Cost:

This set was released quite recently, and can easily be found at hobby shops and online dealers. For instance, Always Models list the set for $7.95 US.

Notes on the Samples:

The samples were obtained in a trade with Eric Yin.

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