Wednesday, June 23, 2010

News: Frontline purchases IT Miniatures

Earlier this month, Frontline Wargaming announced the completion of a deal to purchase IT Miniatures from the former owners. The IT brand includes a number of 20mm metal ranges for the first part of the twentieth century. They are:

Western Front
East Africa (WWI)
Middle East (WWI)
Russian Civil War

In addition to figures, IT offers terrain pieces (notably a trenchworks system), artillery and vehicles.

These figures and accessories will complement Frontline’s existing range of 20mm resin terrain and accessories.

Although there will be a period of adjustment, Frontline promises to be able to fulfill IT orders in the very near future.

UPDATE: As of June 29, Tim at Frontline tells us that they can now accept mail orders for any item in the catalogue. Show stocks may still take a while before they are completely comprehensive. They have also made a few changes to the website to better reflect the offerings.

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That is GREAT news!