Friday, July 2, 2010

Changes at the Pelisse

So the blog is hitting a couple of milestones: 200 posts and 50,000 visits. I figured that means it is a good time to make some changes. The following list outlines what I am planning. Please comment if you have other suggestions, or feel any of the following are bad ideas.

1. In reviews, I have recently dropped the comment on body sculpting style. My thinking is that I don’t have any kind of consistent yardstick to apply, so the results were simply what I felt after looking at the figure. Since all readers can do the same by looking at the image, my categorization seemed superfluous.

2. I will be starting to record height of figures to the top of the head, while retaining the measurement to the eyes. This would allow comparison to other measurements used on other sites and blogs.

3. For plastic figures, I will stop providing pricing information. Plastic figures are available from a wide variety of retailers, even when they are out of production. Showing a price from one random store does not really say anything about the actual market cost of the figures. However I will continue to comment on which figures are out of production, when I have that information.

4. I am trying to clear up the “noise” in the right-hand column. As the number of labels grows, the other material gets pushed down. So I have started using the “page” functionality (accessed through the nav bar above) and it will replace the lists of links at the side. At this time though, I plan to retain the links to hobby blogs, since they are constantly updating.

5. As intended, the blog has really been focused on metal/plastic comparisons. However there was always a subordinate intention to consolidate information on metal manufacturers with 20mm, 1/72nd and traditional 25mm ranges. I hope to focus more on that going forward, with more frequent news items, and more extensive descriptions of each manufacturer’s ranges.

6. The growth of this blog is dependent on a growing collection of samples. I hope to encourage readers to help me fill in gaps in this collection by posting a “trading” page, listing my needs and the items that I have available for trade. (Of course I am also open to donations of samples.)

7. Finally, I expect the growing complexity of this blog will lead me to set up a website that can be accessed and searched more easily. However, not being a web developer myself, I need to learn a lot before I can do it. Any suggestions for a starting point would be very welcome.

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