Thursday, July 29, 2010

Irregular offers "A Very British Civil War"

Ian Kay’s company released an intriguing new 20mm range earlier this summer. Called “A Very British Civil War,” the line includes such archetypical British figures as bobbies, fox hunters and boy scouts. The intrigue comes when you realize that they are all armed, and looking for a fight.

The line currently includes:

Four policemen;
A mounted policeman;
A num and a lady in long dress;
A pair of farmers;
A mounted fox hunter;
A boy scout.

Arms include rifles, shotguns, a tommy gun, and a Molotov cocktail (about to be thrown by the boy scout).

The figures are best suited to the period after the Great War, up to the 1950s, although several of the figures could have a wider use.

Foot figures are being sold at 50p, while mounted ones cost £1.00.

The image above is from the Irregular Miniatures site. Click on it for a larger version.

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