Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Wodensfeld ACW releases from Nostalgia Revival

John Cunningham, of 20mm Nostalgia Revival, has recently provided a full list for the revived Wodensfeld ACW range.

Infantry are available in packs of ten figures for £4.50 GBP. They are organized by position/action:

Marching at right shoulder shift
RSS 1 shell jacket, gaiters, kepi
RSS 2 shell jacket, gaiters, hat
RSS 3 shell jacket, kepi
RSS 4 shell jacket, hat
RSS 5 shell jacket, blanket roll, kepi
RSS 6 shell jacket, blanket roll, hat
RSS 7 sack coat, kepi
RSS 8 sack coat, hat

ADV 11 Louisiana Tigers
ADV 12 5th New York Zouaves

SK 17 Berdan's US Sharpshooters

Command packs include 5 figures with, officers, flag bearers, drummers, NCOs and buglers as appropriate. They sell for £2.50, and include:

CP 1 shell jacket, gaiters
CP 2 shell jacket
CP 3 sack coat
CP 9 Louisiana Tigers
CP 10 5th New York
CP 11 Berdan’s USSS

Mounted figures are as follows:

CPM 1 Mounted officers 2 kepi, 2 hat with horses £ 4.00GBP
CWP 1 Lee & Major Taylor ADC £3.00 GBP
CWP 2 Jeb Stuart & Sweeney (banjo player) £3.00 GBP
CWP 3 Jackson & Longstreet £3.00

At present only some of these figures are available, but the rest of the range will be ready over next few weeks. To order, or for further information, contact John at

The image at the top of the page shows some test figures from this range. From left to right, they are RSS 4, RSS 1 and SK17 (two figures). Click on the picture for a larger version.

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