Thursday, October 7, 2010

Napoleonic Comparisons at Rosbif & Frog

Ben at “Monsier le Rosbif & Johnny Frog” has recently been exploring the compatibility of select metal and plastic cavalry ranges for the Napoleonic Wars. His most recent post compares Dragoons (light and heavy) from Irregular’s 25mm range with Italeri’s British Light Dragoons. (This range is actually described as both “25mm” and “28mm” on the Irregular website.)

Ben has taken the time to photograph the comparisons in different ways, as you can see here:

Earlier he posted a similar comparison, but this time showing the Italeri figures with a sample from Irregular’s 20mm range. His post is here:

The plastic figures are found in Italeri box 6094 “British Light Cavalry 1815.” According to PSR, this set was released in 2008, and includes 17 riders in 7 poses, as well as 17 horses in five poses.

In the images above, Ben compares a 25/28mm Irregular figure (top) and a 20mm Irregular figure (bottom) with an Italeri rider from box 6094.

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