Sunday, October 17, 2010

RH Models expands Liberation moderns

The image above shows Liberation Miniatures' recent release UK03-com, “British 2003 Command Pack.” It is taken from the RH Models website. Click on the image for a larger version.

Under RH Models, the Liberation brand of 20mm metal figures continues to grow. RH is adding content to a number of the Liberation lines on an incremental basis. This month, the newest additions are:

US, 2 downed helicopter pilots with M4s (code uspdm4)
British 2003 command pack - 5 figures for £2.50 (code uk03-com)
British in osprey/kestrel body armour, command pack - 5 figures for £2.50 (code ukospcom)

The lines in the Liberation range include:

Modern British
British SAS/SBS
Modern USA
US Special Forces
Other NATO
Modern Africans
South Africans
Modern Russians
Modern Afghans
Modern Cubans
Chechens etc.
Arab Militias
Modern PLO
Indo China 1950
Korea and Vietnam
Balkan Wars
Arab Israeli conflicts
Urban Terror
Iraq 1973-2003
Iran 1970s/80s
Several generic weapon and vehicle codes.

Liberation also offers a small number of figures from the British Army from before 1939.

The full catalogue can be found on the RH website:

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