Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Newline Designs adds 20mm Boers and Afghans

The image above is taken from the Newline Designs website, and shows item BOE01 “Boer Infantry.” Click on the picture for a larger version.

Newline Designs has just announced the addition of two new sets for their 20mm Colonial range.

The first set comprises 12 Boers on foot. Each figure is in a unique pose, with standing, kneeling and a prone fighter all included. This is the first Boer subject offered by Newline. The company is selling the set for £5.00.

The second set includes 5 mounted Afhans. The mounted Afghans join two existing sets of foot figures already in production. The set is also retailing for £5.00.

Newline Designs also offer Zulu and British forces for the Zulu war.

Newline figures are all designed by Sean Pereira. The website is here:

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