Saturday, December 11, 2010

Irregular adds 20mm Celts and Romans

Irregular recently expanded their 20mm Ancient range to include two popular forces: Celts and Romans.

The line now includes 10 foot poses for the Celts, along with a pair of mounted figures on a choice of steeds, and a chariot with crew. The Romans are represented by 5 foot figures, 3 mounted (one of them an auxiliary), and a ballista with crew.

The foot figures are priced at 50p, while mounted figures are £1.00. The chariot and ballista cost £4.35 and £2.00 respectively.

The range can be viewed on the Irregular website here:

The images above are taken from the Irregular website. Click on either one for a larger version.

Top image
TCRR1: Legionary advancing
TCRR5: Centurion advancing
TCRR4: Signifier Standard Bearer advancing
TCRR3: Horn player advancing

Bottom image
TCRC13: Celtic Chariot with 2 crew (shown with optional wicker sides).


Uwe said...

Irregular are usually small figure. Are these here very much smaller than the average 1/72 plastics?

all the best

Plastic Hussar said...


I don't have these figures on hand, but the other Ancient and Medieval figures that I have measured from Irregular come out at 20mm at eye level. That makes them bigger than Irregular's mid-19th century figures, but still smaller than most 1/72 scale plastics. I expect the new ones will be of a similar size.