Monday, December 20, 2010

New Boxer figures from Great Endeavours

The images above, from the Great Endeavours website, show two of their new releases: “Imperial Chinese infantryman” (above) and “Boxer with rifle” (below). Click on the images for larger versions.

Great Endeavours is the current manufacturer of the former Ral Partha 25mm colonial range. Besides making the old sculpts available, GE has taken some steps to expand the range. That included the start of a Boxer Rebellion line a couple of years ago.

Things have seemed very quiet on the GE front for a few years now. However, the company did make an addition to its Boxer line earlier this year, with three new figures. The newcomers are:

88-319 Imperial Chinese infantryman
88-320 Boxer with rifle
88-321 Manchu Ten nai (Tiger-man)

These new figures can be purchased in groups of 10, for $9.99 US. The website is here:


Uwe said...

Great figures. I got them last week and they fit perfectly with 1/72 and Ral Partha.


Plastic Hussar said...

I guess they have been out since May, but I only noticed them this month. I will pick some up soon myself.