Friday, December 3, 2010

Strelets and Thomas ACW compared on TMP

The picture above was originally posted on TMP in December 2008, by “Neilad.” The figures are (from left to right):

Thomas: ACW General
Thomas: 16 Abraham Lincoln
Strelets-R: Abraham Lincoln

K and L currently offers figures from the Thomas 20mm range. However, the figures can only be ordered via regular mail.

The Strelets figures comes from box 0046 “Union General Staff (1).” The box contains 37 figures, each in a unique pose.


Paul´s Bods said...

Strelets gets a lot of stick about it´s sculpting but IMHO they do produce some very nice little bods which paint up quite well and are quite usable, like this Lincoln one. Which other major manufacturer brings out sets with every figure different?? The Medieval britian one...great little set...pity it isn´t issued seperately from the large 4 box set.

Plastic Hussar said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree with your sentiments about Strelets; I wouldn't be gaming the Crimean War if not for them.
Off topic: I keep meaning to add your blog to my list, and will do so soon.