Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rose and Garrison samples received

Rob Young from Garrison Wargames Figures was kind enough to send a group of samples over recently. Garrison produces figures that were originally designed by John Braithwaite, and released by Garrison, Greenwood & Ball, and Rose. These samples will be featured in a number of upcoming comparisons, but I wanted to provide these shots as an illustration of the ranges represented.

The top picture includes figures from the two 20mm lines. Those grouped to the left are from the Garrison/Greenwood & Ball 20mm range, while the more modern subjects on the right come from the Rose 20mm line.

The bottom photo deals with the 25mm line. Again the figures grouped to the left include 25mm Garrison figures, while the two on the right are from the Rose Prestige range.

More detailed identification of the actual poses supplied will be included in the comparison posts.

Rob sells the 20mm Garrison figures for £0.60 each, while the Rose figures go for just £0.50. At 25mm, the Garrison figures are sold for £0.60, while the Rose Prestige figures cost £0.70.

The Garrison website is here:


Uwe said...

I have all the Garisson 20mm and the Rose Zulus

These 25mm stuff looks very interesting and detailed. Could you show them beside an average 1/72 plastic? As the Rose 20mm are small,I hope that this prestige range could match the Zvezda in style.


Plastic Hussar said...

I am very impressed with the 25mm figures myself. I will try to post some comparisons in the near future.

Uwe said...

Hey that would be great. If they work I fear I have to spend some more money....

Plastic Hussar said...

Check out today's post and see if it helps.