Saturday, March 5, 2011

TQD moves to C-P Models from Sergeants' Mess

TQD is a striking range of 20mm Second World War figures, which have perambulated around the industry in the last couple of years. It seems that the original figures were sculpted by Stuart Emmett and Tony Boustead, and some of them were released under the short-lived Martello International brand.

In mid-2009, the TQD range was licensed to Sergeants’ Mess. Subsequently, TQD and C-P Models were both sold to Mark Dixon, who announced that TQD distribution would remain with Sergeants Mess.

As of this month, that arrangement has ended, and the TQD figures are now available directly through C-P Models.

The range includes figures from Germany, the Soviet Union, Britain, the United States and Poland. Emphasis is on unusual subjects that do not see a lot of attention from other makers.

The image above, taken from the C-P Models website, shows one code in the line: “TQD 49 NKVD Riflemen 2.” This pack comprises five figures, and retails for £4.25

The C-P Model website is here:

With this change, Sergeants’ Mess has decided to update their website and highlight some of their other products. The new website is here:

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