Saturday, May 7, 2011

Falcon Colonial and AWI available from Minifigs

Falcon Miniatures was a small American-based range which went off the market a few years ago when the original owner passed away. The company produced two ranges, covering the Colonial period and American War of Independence in “true 25mm” scale.

This range should not be confused with “Falcon Figures” which makes 28mm figures.

The AWI figures were the first to return to production, under the Matchlock brand, which was then merged with Minifigs. In February of this year, the Falcon Colonials and Early 20th Century line also came back to life.

The two lines can be found on the Minifigs site, hidden away behind a “Matchlock” link in the sidebar.

The AWI range, which includes 30 poses (with British Regulars, Continentals, Frontiersmen and Hessians) can be found here:

The Colonial-early 20th century line, with French Foreign Legion, Turks, German Southwest Africa, Russians, Japanese, Boxers and various African forces can be accessed here:

Foot figures are sold for £1.10, with mounted figures retailing for £2.55

The image above shows FIN03C “Japanese Firing” and is taken from Minifig’s website.


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