Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hinchliffe vs RedBox, British Colonial Infantry

The photo above compares three metal figures from Hinchliffe (A,C,E) with a pair of plastic soldiers from RedBox (B,D). Click on the image to see a larger version.


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

The metal figures were originally released by Hinchliffe, and now are available from Hind Figures, who purchased the line in 2008, and are maintaining the brand.

These figures are included in Hinchliffe’s 25mm British Colonial range, and are cataloged as:

A: BC27, Officer at Rourke’s Drift
C: BC4, British Infantry Officer Advancing
E: BC30, Zulu Stabbing

The full range includes over 50 foot figures and 16 mounted figures, as well as guns and other equipment.

Figure Characteristics:

Height (measured from ground to eyes): 24mm.
Height (measured from ground to top of head): 27mm.

Availability and Cost:

These figures can be ordered directly from Hind. The cost is 89 p (UK) for an individual figure.

The Hinchliffe page on the Hind website is here:


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

The RedBox figures come from box RB 72003 “Colonial British Army 1890.” The box contains 48 figures in 12 poses (4 copies of the same sprue).

Figure Characteristics:

Height (measured from sole of foot to eyes): 21mm.
Height (measured from sole of foot to top of head): 23mm.

Availability and Cost:

This was one of the first sets to be released by RedBox, appearing in 2006. These figures are currently available at hobby shops and online dealers.

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