Sunday, June 26, 2011

20mm and 1/72 Han Dynasty comparisons on "Miniatures in 1/72"

Tom P has posted an interesting comparison of some metal and plastic figures covering China in the Han Dynasty. The trigger for his investigation seems to be a new manufacturer, called “3D Model Studio.”

Besides 3D, Tom compares Caesar and Newline Designs. The Caesar figure comes from set H004 “Chinese Ch’in Dynasty Army.” The Newline figures are catalogued as ANHC02 (halberdier) and ANHC06 (archer), and are part of the 20mm Ancient range from this manufacturer.

See here for the comparison image:

As for 3D Model Studio, the Han line is their first, and so far only, offering in 1/72 scale. The company website is here:

Newline can be found here:

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