Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samurai and Mongols from Willers compared at the 1/72 Multiverse

Eric (EY) runs a fascinating blog under the name “1/72 Multiverse” that covers a lot of ground. He is interested in showing how figures from various manufacturers compare in scale, although his focus is often on fantasy types rather than historical.

A few days ago, he posted some comparisons using Willers Miniatures figures.

Eric compared the Willers Mongols to Zvezda and Giant. He also showed the camel from that set beside an Italeri camel from their Mongol Cavalry set.

He then compared the Willers Samurai to samples from Redbox, Caesar, and Zvezda.

His comparisons can be found here:

Eric obtained the Willers figures from the CW Toys site, and they can be found in this listing (with thanks to Sir William the Aged, who pointed them out in the Comments below):

The sets included in Eric’s post include the following:

Zvezda 8003 “Mongols, 13th to 14th centuries”
Italeri 6124 “Mongol Cavalry, 13th century”
RedBox 72005 “Japanese Warrior Monks”
Caesar H003 “Japanese Samurai with Ninja”
Zvezda 8017 “Samurai Army Infantry, 16th to 17th centuries”


Sir William the Aged said...

The Willers figures are there, do a search for "KS/W" and you'll locate them. There some interesting figures in the mix, including some very nice horses, and the Sudanese (I believe) EHC that I think someone else is working on in 28mm right now.


Plastic Hussar said...

Thanks for pointing that out Bill. I have updated the information in the post.