Monday, August 20, 2012

Lancer Miniatures, 20mm SYW and WWI

Lancer Miniatures seems to be a new undertaking with a couple of interesting metal ranges. As far as I can tell the firm just started producing this year. The company is based in the UK, and the website is here:

In terms of figures, Lancer has two ranges: one covering the Seven Years War, and the other dealing with the Great War.

The Seven Years War range currently comprises 6 British foot poses, and 31 French poses (both foot and mounted). There is also a tab for Hanoverian figures, but it is currently empty. The image above comes from the website and shows the following French SYW miniature:

SYWF18 “Mounted Staff officer holding hat and giving orders.”

As for the First World War, Lancer offers almost 100 different figures, covering British, French, German and Portuguese armies on the Western Front.

Foot figures are sold for £0.60 each, while mounted figures while mounted troops go for £1.30. There are also some discount offers available in both ranges.

Beside the figures, Lancer also sells buildings and First World War vehicles in 20mm scale.

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Uwe said...

The problem with these figures is that they are too small against our other 1/72 stuff.