Monday, September 24, 2012

Fritz Figures now online

As mentioned here and elsewhere, Uwe Wild is a passionate collector of 1/72nd scale figures. Uwe is particularly interested in creating massive dioramas with teams of colleagues. You can read about his work and exploits on his blog:

Over the years, Uwe’s desire to present some of the more obscure units in his work has led him to commission unique figures from a number of sculptors. Uwe then has the figures cast in metal, and uses them in his production. Of course, as soon as other collectors notice the new models, Uwe gets a drove of requests for additional production.

Uwe has now taken the logical next step and established a web shop where his figures can be purchased. The site, which takes the name “Fritz Figures” can be found here:

The current offerings include:

Musketeers, 1680s
Arauebusiers de Grassin, War of Austrian Succession (1740s)
Indian troops, Wellington in India
Polish infantry, Napoleonic War
Horsemen from the Sokoto Caliphate (West Africa), 19th century
Ottoman army (Turkish and Egyptian), Crimean War
Bengal lancers, 2nd Afghan War
Anamites, 1880-1900

Foot figures are selling for €0.80 while mounted figures are €1.60.

The picture above shows a unit of Fritz Figures Sepoys painted by Krisztian Takacs. I have borrowed it from Uwe’s blog.

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