Monday, October 8, 2012

Minifigs S Series Recasts in Production

The Minifigs S Series dates from the late 1960s, when they started to supplement and then replace the original 20mm Minifigs.

According to Vintage20Mil, the S Series is widely seen as the first “true 25mm” range (even though the firm described them as being 20mm in their initial release material). The range covered a wide range of conflicts, and featured a variety of poses that surpassed many contemporary competitors.

The period of S Series ascendency was brief. In the mid-1970s, Minifigs moved to a new style, featuring sculpts that were slightly taller and significantly bulkier than the S Series. As part of this transition, the S Series figures were pulled out of production.

But now many of those S Series lines are being made available as a recast range through John Cunningham’s operation: 20mm Nostalgia. John has already acquired the rights and is working for new moulds for all or part of the following lines: Marlburian; Jacobites; Seven Years’ War; American War of Independence; French Revolution and Egyptian Campaign; Crimean War; Franco-Prussian War. Below are some details on the two latter lines.

Franco-Prussian German (includes Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria, Wurttemberg, Silesia): 10 infantry poses, 2 artillery poses, 5 cavalry poses, 1 mounted general.
Franco-Prussian French: 8 infantry poses, 2 artillery poses, 3 cavalry poses, 1 mounted general.
Crimean British: 18 infantry poses, 7 artillery poses, 5 cavalry poses.
Crimean Turkish: 5 infantry poses, 3 artillery poses, 2 cavalry poses.
Crimean French: 12 infantry poses, 3 artillery poses, 2 cavalry poses.
Crimean Sardinian: 3 infantry poses.
Crimean Russian: 12 infantry poses, 6 artillery poses, 5 cavalry poses.

The picture above shows some sample figures from the Franco-Prussian War range, with catalogue descriptions as follows:

PFP 7 Wurttemberg Line Infantry advance
PFP 10 Wurttemberg Line Gunner firing gun
PFP 11 Wurttemberg Line Gunner carrying shell
FFP 3 French Guard Grenadier a Pied advance
FPS 2 Prussian General

John is currently shipping figures for 50p, and horses for 65p. For more details and to place orders, please contact John at his email address CunnJoh(at)aol(dot)com.

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