Saturday, October 27, 2012

Newline 20mm vs Zvezda/Italeri 1/72 Greek and Persian foot


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

Newline Design offers a very large range of figures representing conflicts in the ancient world. Its Greek line includes 22 different types, both foot and mounted, while the Persian range is only slightly smaller with 21 types.

Figures Characteristics

ANG 3 (Greek) Height (to eyes): 20mm
ANG 3 (Greek) Height (to top of head): 22mm
ANP 14 (Persian) Height (to eyes): 20mm
ANP 14 (Persian) Height (to top of head): 22mm

Availability and Cost (as at October 2012):

Foot figures are sold in packs of four, for £1.90. In addition, the firm offers army deals at significant discounts.

The Newline website is here:


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

The plastic figures come from a pair of joint Italeri/Zvezda release. The Persian standard bearer comes from Zvezda box 8006 “Immortals, Persian Infantry, 4th to 5th century BC” which was also released as Italeri box 6025 “Persian Infantry, 4th to 5th century BC.” The Greek officer can be found in Zvezda box 8005 and Italeri box 6024 both of which are titled “Greek Infantry, 5th to 4th Century BC.” In addition to these boxes, Zvezda currently offers 7 other boxes covering the conflicts from the bronze age up to Alexander. Two of those sets were also co-released by Italeri.

Figure Characteristics:

8005 (Greek) Height (measured from to top of head): 24mm.
8005 (Greek) Height (measured from to eyes): 22mm.
8006 (Persian) Height (measured from to top of head): 25mm.
8006 (Persian) Height (measured from to eyes): 23mm.

Availability and Cost:

These figures are at least 10 years old, but the sets are currently available and can be found through various online and local hobby shops and distributors.

Notes on the Samples:

Liam Sullivan donated the Zvezda figures.


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