Saturday, October 5, 2013

Newline 20mm vs HaT 1/72, Ancient Greeks


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

Newline Design offers a very large range of figures representing conflicts in the ancient world. Its Greek line includes 22 different types, both foot and mounted, while the Persian range is only slightly smaller with 21 types. 

Figure Characteristics

ANG 3 (Greek) Height (to eyes):  20mm
ANG 3 (Greek) Height (to top of head):  22mm
ANP 14 (Persian) Height (to eyes):  20mm
ANP 14 (Persian) Height (to top of head):  22mm

Availability and Cost (as at October 2013):

Foot figures are sold in packs of four, for £1.90.  In addition, the firm offers army deals at significant discounts.

The Newline website is here:


Manufacturer's Designations:

The HaT figure on the left comes from box 8045 “Greek Mercenary Hoplites” while the one on the right is from box 8046 “Alexander’s Thracians.” Both sets include 48 figures in 8 poses. HaT has released a very wide range of figures for ancient conflicts.

Figure Characteristics:

8045 Height (measured to eyes):  20mm.
8046 Height (measured to eyes):  20mm.
8045 Height (measured to top of head):  22mm.
8046 Height (measured to top of head):  22mm.


Uwe said...

Good to see you back!
Hm, Newline greeks nearly the same size as HAT. I think I have to write Sean a mail....


Plastic Hussar said...


Thanks for the note. I took a break from the site because I felt that I had put up enough comparisons to allow most readers to find something they could use. However, I will try to add to it from time to time, especially in the historical periods that are under-represented.
And like you, I was surprised by how close Newline and the older-production HaT Greeks are.

EY said...

Hi Chris,

Glad to see you get back to making some blog entries.

I've found that many of the Newline 20mm range match up well with 1/72 plastics (though they are quite a bit stockier). The Han Chinese are a good fit, but IIRC the Colonial Brits were rather too short.

DCAja said...

thanks for the post!