Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tightening Focus

This blog has now been online for more than 5 years, but to be honest it isn’t really a blog at all.  When I set this up, I simply wanted to find a place to publish a series of photos which would illustrate various plastic and metal ranges side by side.  The images were not intended to be “followed” as they went up; instead I visualized this as a static resource where hobbyists could look up comparisons as they needed them.

Over time though, a few other things crept into the blog.  For instance, I had some lists of manufacturers that I had created for my own use, but I thought they might be helpful to others, so I published them using the “pages” tool.  I also posted “news” items from time to time when metal manufacturers announced new ranges or other changes.

I have now discovered the drawback in publishing these other items, especially the pages: readers do not realize that they are not current.  And this can make them less than helpful.

At this time, I have no desire to maintain a current description of the manufacturing landscape for 20-25mm metal soldiers.  There are many other places where that information is published and is kept up to date.  In particular, Uwe Wild’s blog History in 1/72 does a great job of staying on top of the new and smaller manufacturers.  I will keep links on this page to Uwe’s blogs and the other core resources for understanding the sector.

As for this blog, I will shortly be taking down the out-of-date pages, removing the old “news” items, and deleting the blog roll.  This will remain simply a storage place for comparison pictures, which will be expanded from time to time. I hope others find those photos useful in assembling their armies.  I know I will continue reading the many other blogs out there dedicated to modeling and gaming with them.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

It's all been very, very useful. Thanks very much.

EY said...

Thanks for all the work Chris. The Plastic Pelisse certainly influenced the direction of my own blog when I was first starting out.

- Eric

Plastic Hussar said...

Thanks, I appreciate the support. Hopefully I will soon find the time to post a new batch of comparisons.

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