Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RP and Waterloo 1815 British Colonial

Waterloo 1815 is a fairly new company in the plastic soldier world, which has significantly increased the range of Italian subjects available. They also produce a couple of boxes on the Sudan campaign, including a box for the Anglo-Egyptian army (which includes the white figures in the photo).
As you can see, the Ral Partha sculpt is only a little taller than the plastic figures. While he would look a bit funny popping up in the middle of a unit, a full unit of RPH would not look far out of place beside a unit of W1815.
Of course, since the only W1815 figures to go into a British army at this time are the ones shown here, few wargamers would use them for a purely British force. But the inclusion of the Egyptian and Sudanese troops from the box does allow one to field an interesting command.
One final note: the officer on the left of the picture seems to be wearing an odd helmet. That is actually my fault, as I trimmed the figure from the sprue at a poor angle. Luckily, the box comes with many more officers than I really need!

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