Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ral Partha Historicals - Colonial

Ral Partha Historicals (RPH) have been around since the 1980s. They are typically described as "True 25mm" which means they are much smaller than the "28mm" figures released today. As plastic figures have grown from the early Airfix range to today's 23-24mm figures, RPH seem increasingly interesting as a potential source for supplementary figures.

I first want to start with RPH's colonial British infantry. Today's picture lines up a single RPH figure with some of the other ranges available for this conflict. (I will provide more detailed comparisons in the next few posts.)

The RPH figure is the unpainted metal one, third from the right. In order from left to right, the other figures are:
  • Esci: the figure is used in both "Indian War Kiber Pass British Infantry" and "Zulu War British Infantry Soldiers"
  • RedBox: from "Colonial British Army 1890"
  • Jacklex: a metal range which I will also discuss in this blog (currently half painted)
  • (the RHP figure)
  • Waterloo 1815 - from "Anglo-Egyptian Army" (last 2 figures)

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