Saturday, November 22, 2008


Welcome to the Plastic Pelisse. Since this is the first post, I suppose I should try to explain what I am doing here.

I have been gaming with 1/72 plastic figures for many years now. I started when I was a child, because they were cheap and available. As I got older, I never saw any reason to change.

However, there always seemed to be gaps in the armies that I could build in plastic. Flipping through the pages of wargames magazines, I saw that various metal manufacturers were making 20mm figures, which would help me fill the gaps. The first 20mm metal figures I ordered were produced by Jack Scruby, and they have been followed by small orders from a whole range of companies.

The biggest problem I have with ordering 20mm figures, is that I usually do it "blind." Even today, most manufacturers in this scale do not provide pictures of all their figures. And even if pictures are provided, I can really only see if they are compatible with my plastic troops when I have them in my hand.

What I really needed was a website that hosts pictures of sample 20mm figures posed with corresponding plastics.

Of course this doesn't exist (or if it does, I don't know of it), and I am not about to put up a full database of images like that. However, a blog does offer the chance to construct something incrementally.

Therefore, this blog is currently intended to build up a collection of images which will allow plastic wargames to preview the 20mm ranges available, and get a sense of how they would fit in with existing plastic armies.

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