Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Airfix vs Ral Partha, Colonial Indian

Today's wide choice of 1/72 figures is certainly something like a golden age. But there was a time when the only plastic figures in this scale came from Airfix. The three figures on the right in this image come from that period. They are conversions of the Airfix Japanese infantry set (01718), with turbans made from plasticene, hardened by nail polish. (I think I got the idea from an issue of Airfix Magazine.) The turbans have settled a bit in the intervening years, and I didn't do a great job to start with; however they do let me provide this comparison, in case anyone is trying to supplement an army of such conversions.

The Ral Partha figure (second from left) is from the Indian Command Group (88-103), currently available from Great Endeavours.

The final figure in the picture (far left) is from Esci (reviewed in other posts). Both the Esci and Ral Partha figures were painted by Chuck Turnitsa. Click on the image for a larger version.


Maverick Collecting said...

Don't knock you old achievements dude!! I'm posting all sorts of stuff from years ago....and secretly I'm STILL proud of my younger selfs attempts!!!

Plastic Hussar said...

Well, they did the trick for wargaming at the time, but I am happy to replace them with the Esci figures, and the upcoming ones from HaT.