Thursday, January 1, 2009

Irregular vs Esci / Italeri, Napoleonic Mounted

For the first post of 2009, let's wrap up the comparisons of Irregular's Napoleonic mounted general (BNC-1). In this case the Irregular figure in the middle is compared to two figures from Esci (also reissued by Italeri). Both of the Esci figures come from sets with very long names (at least as printed on the box).

The tan coloured figure on the left comes from Esci set 220 - "Crimean War British Cavalry, Lord Cardigan's 11th Hussars." The gray figure on the right is from Esci set 218 - "Napoleonic Wars Waterloo 1815, Polish Lancers French Cavalry." They were reissued by Italeri in box 6052 "Crimean War British Hussars" and box 6039 "Napoleonic Dutch-Polish Lancers" respectively.

Once more the Irregular rider and mount are quite a bit smaller than those from Esci / Italeri.

Click on the image for a larger version.

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