Saturday, January 3, 2009

Airfix vs B&B, Franco-Prussian French Infantry

Figures in the image (left to right) are:

  • 2 unpainted figures from Airfix/HaT
  • 1 painted figure from Airfix/HaT
  • 2 unpainted metal figures from B&B
  • 3 painted figures from Airfix/HaT.

Manufacturers’ designations: The Airfix/Hat figures were originally released by Airfix as set 01710 “Foreign Legion.” This is the 2nd version of that set. They were reissued by HaT as set 7012 “Foreign Legion.” The B&B figures are from set FPFI-14 “French Marines Advancing.”

Height compatibility (measured from sole of foot to eyes):
Airfix/HaT 21mm
B & B: 20mm

Sculpting style compatibility (on 5 pt scale):
Airfix/Hat: C (average).
B&B: E (exaggerated).

Compatibility of uniform, equipment, etc: The plastic figures are intended for service in North Africa and so are wearing the neck cloth. (For use in the Franco Prussian war, this should be carved off.)

Overall compatibility: With the very strong height correlation, but distinct sculpting styles, these figures are reasonably compatible. Since there are no plastic French Marines, the B&B figures do fill a hole in available troop types.

Figure availability: The plastic figures are currently available from HaT through all their normal distribution channels. The B&B figures are also in production and available from the manufacturer and select distributors.

About the image. The painted figures in the image were originally finished in the late 70s or early 80s, and show the biggest problem with painted figures from that era – flaking. These days, techniques for keeping paint on figures have improved remarkably, and some manufactures are using plastic which holds the paint much more easily. Check out some of the links on the sidebar to find out more.

Click on the image for a larger version.

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