Monday, December 8, 2008

Irregular Miniatures Napoleonic Mounted General

Irregular Miniatures is a 20mm line currently in production. They cover historical periods from ancient times to the present, all available through their site:

Irregular Miniatures are true 20mm, which makes them smaller than many of the other lines considered here. The picture above compares the Irregular figure with a sample of plastic cavalry figures. Click on the picture for a larger version. More detailed comparisons will follow in later posts.

The figures shown are (left to right):
  • Revell (02576: French Mounted Guard Chasseurs)
  • Airfix (01743: Waterloo British Cavalry - Hussars)
  • Hat (8006: Napoleonic Russian Cossacks)
  • the Irregular figure (BNC-1, Mounted British General)
  • Strelets (030: Crimean War Scots Greys)
  • Esci (218: Napoleonic "Polish Lancers" French Cavalry)
The diminutive size of the Irregular figure does make you wonder if it is closer to 15mm than to the plastic ranges above. The following photo does make a comparison to a 15mm figure (of unknown make, to me at least). Clearly Irregular is larger.


Halfdan said...

The variable and increasing size of plastic figures is a problem to gamers and manufacturers.
I happen to know that Irregular have made some bigger 20mm horses to improve compatibility and I have used them on old 25mm horses which seem to match in fine.
Always worth asking when ordering. Don't write them off they make some very useful figures.

Plastic Hussar said...

Thanks for the information. I agree that the Irregular figures are very nice and add to the available choices for filling out armies.