Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Irregular v HaT, Napoleonic Mounted

This image shows the Irregular general compared to an old set from HaT - their Napoleonic Cossacks. I really like the look of the Irregular figure, he seems a bit bowed down by the weight of command. However, his horse still looks like a pony compared to the plastic steeds.

I have labelled this post for the Crimean War as well as Napoleonic. Although intended for the earlier conflict, both the HaT cossacks and the Irregular general fit well in games set during the Crimea.

Though it is not my intention to showcase my painting, I can't help but be conscious of the flaws that these images reveal. In this case the bare bases really stand out. Hopefully they will be dealt with soon.

(For a closer look, click on the image.)

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