Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ral Partha Colonial Indian Infantry

To support their British regulars on the Northwest frontier, Ral Partha produced a few Indian types. Two poses of regular Indian infantry were released - standing firing, and advancing. A third pose could be found in the command group: walking with the rifle held at the hip. In the picture above, the first and last poses are shown, with an Esci figure for comparison. The final figure in the line is an Airfix Japanese infantry figure, converted by adding a turban.

In addition to Indian regulars, Ral Partha also produced Ghurkas. At this time, I do not believe that Ghurka troops for the nineteenth century are in the plans of any plastic manufacturer, so these figures are important for any plastic colonial gamer.

Again, two poses were released - an advancing pose, and a figure brandishing a khukri (the distinctive Nepalese knife). These poses are shown below (click on the pictures for bigger images).

Ral Partha did not provide new officers for these troops, so the British regular officer was the standard leader. In the image below however, there is a Jacklex officer wearing a turban. Jacklex is another metal range; I will provide a more full set of Jacklex images in future postings.

The Ral Partha figures in this post were part of the nicely-painted lot I bought from Chuck Turnitsa, while the painting of the Ghurkas is still unfinished.


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