Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Strelets v Irregular, Crimean Mounted

Strelets-R produces one of the larger-sized figure ranges within the nominal 1/72nd scale family. Their figures are sculpted in a style that is more similar to typical metal ranges, then to their plastic forerunners. The majority of their boxes feature no duplicated poses.

Strelets is the first producer to take a serious run at the Crimean War. The figures here are from set 030 (Scots Greys) and 026 (Terek Cossacks). These subjects will no doubt work their way into some Napoleonic battles too.

The comparison here is pretty clear - the Irregular figure does not fit at all with the Strelets ones.

Click the picture for a larger image - and excuse the unfinished appearance of the plastic figures. I have just started to work on them.

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